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Woman claims used toilet paper proves affair

DENIAL Yao Chia-wen, who was sworn in as the new Examination Yuan president yesterday, says he isn't involved with Lai Ching-mei, the former aide to his wife

By Stephanie Low  /  STAFF REPORTER

Yao Chia-wen raises his arm to be sworn in as the Examination Yuan president yesterday.


A former aide to the wife of Yao Chia-wen (姚嘉文) has accused the Examination Yuan president of having extra-marital affairs and said she has used toilet paper to prove her allegations.

Lai Ching-mei (賴清美) made the allegations against Yao, who was sworn in as Examination Yuan president yesterday, in the latest edition of China Times Weekly.

The former aide told the magazine the toilet paper evidence was enough to "unseat another DPP chairman and threaten Yao's Examination Yuan presidency."

But when asked whether Lai had an affair with Yao, the woman was evasive.

In the magazine report, Yao denies Lai's allegations and said she was attempting to extort money from him so she could pay back her debts.

"I heard a long time ago that she tells people everywhere that she has some toilet paper that I left in bed four to five years ago," the magazine quoted Yao as saying. "But I'm not scared at all, because I don't have any involvement with [Lai]. I would say responsibly that there is no toilet paper."

Reports of Yao's infidelity have been widespread since May, when he began seeking the legislature's support for his confirmation as Examination Yuan president. But the allegations haven't been proven.

Yao and his wife, DPP legislator Chou Ching-yu (周清玉), have attempted to put the charges to rest and portray themselves as a loving couple in public.

`I love you'

During public appearances at the legislature, Yao would hold Chou's hand and he once told his wife "I love you" during a legislative session to review his nomination.

At his swearing-in ceremony yesterday, Yao and Chou were again dogged by questions about alleged extra-marital affairs.

Yao simply said that "local affairs are very complicated and there are always strange stories such as this."

Chou told reporters not to ask questions about the magazine story because "it wasn't the appropriate occasion."

According to Chou, Lai -- who failed twice in her bid to become deputy to the Changhua County Council -- blames Yao and Chou for not campaigning for her and is now trying to retaliate.

Lai served as an aide at Chou's office in Changhua County for seven years.

Lai reportedly is now working for a Changhua County Council deputy belonging to the DPP's New Tide faction, a rival faction to the Welfare State Alliance of which Yao is a member.

In the magazine interview, Lai admitted that she held a grudge against Yao and Chou and wanted to retaliate. Lai said she attempted suicide in January after failing in her second electoral bid, but Yao and Chou never visited her during the eight days she was hospitalized.

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