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A: I can’t believe they made us pay for all those plates of overturned sushi. It was obviously an accident. And as I told the manager, their conveyor belt was clearly running too fast.

B: You wrote off 10 plates of eel nigiri and the conveyor belt only has one speed. Honestly, that’s the last time I’m taking you to a sushi restaurant.

A: True, it was quite embarrassing. I’ll treat you to an ice-cream.

A: 我真不敢相信他們竟然叫我們付那幾盤翻倒壽司的錢,這明明就是個意外啊。就像我跟店經理說的,是輸送帶跑得太快了。

B: 但你打翻了十盤鰻魚握壽司耶,而且輸送帶的速度都一樣沒變。老實說,這應該是我最後一次帶你來壽司餐廳。

A: 你說得也有理,的確是很丟臉。別這樣嘛,我請你吃冰淇淋吧。

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