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Early buyers livid after Tesla slashes price of its cars
頂級特斯拉降價三○六萬 舊車主爭補償

Tesla Taiwan’s headquarters is pictured in Taipei’s Neihu District on Mar. 4.

Photo: CNA

On Mar. 1, electric car manufacturer Tesla Inc. out of the blue announced massive price cuts to its top-of-the-range Model X sport utility vehicle, in one fell swoop chopping NT$3.06 million — a whopping 46 percent — off the price. Some existing owners staged an angry protest, complaining they have been played like a fiddle by Tesla and are seeking compensation.

On Mar. 4, responding to owners’ protests and claims for compensation, Tesla said: “This price adjustment is a global price cut; we have received customers’ feedback but we are not able to provide any further information at this stage.”

When Tesla published global price reductions on its official Taiwanese Web Site on Mar. 1, the price of the entry-level Model S was reduced from NT$3.309 million to NT$2.45 million, while the long range version was reduced from NT$4.492 million to NT$2.598 million and the P100D high performance version dropped in price from NT$6.389 million to NT$3.06 million. Additionally, the Model X P100D high performance version fell from NT$6.67 million to NT$3.6 million, a reduction of NT$3.07 million.

One Tesla car owner said helplessly: I bought a car worth NT$6 million, only to read in the news the next day that the car was now worth only NT$3 million, exactly half the value of the original purchase price — I could have bought two cars at the new price. It feels like having NT$3 million stolen from you in the middle of the night — am I really supposed to just stay silent and suck it up?

Some Chinese Tesla owners are threatening that if Tesla does not announce compensatory measures for existing owners, they will launch a lawsuit. Dozens of Taiwanese Tesla owners went to Tesla Taiwan’s headquarters in Taipei’s Neihu District to protest and demand compensation, yet to date they have not received a positive response from the company. Tesla’s chief executive Elon Musk has announced that owners who purchased their Tesla vehicles before the price reduction can upgrade to either the company’s Autopilot self-driving assistant or the Full Self-driving Capability at half the normal price. However, due to legal restrictions particular to Taiwan, this compensatory offer will not be made available to Taiwanese owners.


1. out of the blue phr.

無預警(wu2 yu4 jing3)

2. top-of-the-range phr.

頂級(ding3 ji2)

3. seek compensation phr.


(zheng1 qu2 bu3 chang2)

4. feedback n.

反饋 (fan3 kui4)

5. entry-level phr.

入門款 (ru4 men2 kuan3)

6. helplessly adv.

無奈 (wu2 nai4)

7. launch a lawsuit phr.

提告 (ti2 gao4)

(Translated by Edward Jones, Taipei Times)

特斯拉電動車三月一日全球無預警大降價,台灣頂級的Model X車款更一口氣降價約三○六萬元,降幅高達百分之四十六,舊車主群情激憤抗議被當「盤子」,期爭取補償。


特斯拉三月一日調降全球價格,台灣官網公佈價格,Model S入門款由三三○‧九萬元降為二四五萬元,長里程版四四九‧二萬元降為二五九‧八萬元,Model S P100D極速性能版從六三八‧九萬元降到三○六萬元,MODEL X P100D由六六七萬降至三六○萬元,調降三○七萬元。






Tesla’s rethink

On Feb. 28, Tesla Inc. announced it would close a large number of its car showrooms worldwide and move to online-only sales as a way to fund significant global price cuts. However in a fresh blog post published on its Web site on Sunday, the company announced something of a u-turn. Tesla now says that following a review, it has decided to “keep significantly more stores open than previously announced.” In order to achieve this, Tesla says that prices will be going back up, by about 3 percent on average worldwide.

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