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Veteran singer Fei Yu-ching to retire following farewell tour
資深歌手費玉清 巡演後「封麥」震撼娛樂圈

Veteran singer Fei Yu-ching sings at the last show of his concert tour at the Taipei Arena on June 18 last year.

Photo: CNA

Veteran singer Fei Yu-ching, 63, affectionately known as “Xiao Ge” (literally “Little Brother”), stunned showbiz last week by announcing he is set to retire soon following a farewell concert tour. The tour will include five shows at the Taipei Arena and another two shows at the K-Arena scheduled for February and May next year.

Following in the footsteps of his older sister, singer Jenny Fei — now a nun named Master Hengshu — Fei began his singing career at the age of 17. He went on to greatly expand his fan base by hosting variety shows with his elder brother, TV show host Chang Fei. With a career spanning over four decades, he is one of the most celebrated Taiwanese artists in the Chinese world.

In his statement, Fei wrote that it is time for him to slow down, so he can learn how to enjoy his life in relative peace and quiet.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)






1. stun v.

震撼、震驚 (zhen4 han4, zhen4 jing1)

2. farewell adj.

告別的 (gao4 bie2 de5)

3. expand v.

擴展 (kuo4 zhan3)

4. fan base phr.

粉絲群 (fen3 si1 chun2)

5. variety show phr.

綜藝節目 (zong4 yi4 jie2 mu4)

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