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Veteran singers continue to rock after 40 years in showbiz
鄭怡等資深歌手 出道四十年開唱

Veteran singer Yvonne Jeng performs at a folk music concert held in Taipei on March 3.

Photo: Hu Shuan-hsiang, Liberty Times

Veteran singer Yvonne Jeng, with a career spanning almost four decades, was a popular folk singer in the 1980s. Jeng recently held her first large solo concerts in Taipei and Taichung last Saturday and Sunday. “Through the concerts, I hope to fulfill a dream with my fans,” the singer said.

Jeng leapt to fame with her 1981 hit “Moon Guitar.” Her other classics include “Light Rain Just Comes in Time,” “Mood” and “Wanna Fly,” which play a significant role in the Mando-pop world. In an online auction for her original vinyl record signed by producer Jonathan Lee, songwriter Johnny Chen and herself, the bid price quickly soared to NT$300,000 (about US$10,000).

Meanwhile, veteran Taiwanese-language singer Chris Hung, who first arrived on the scene over 40 years ago, is set to launch his round-the-island tour from the Taipei International Convention Center tomorrow. Senior Hong Kong entertainer Alan Tam, nicknamed “ Principal Tam,” is also staging a concert tomorrow at the Taipei Arena for the first time after entering showbiz more than 40 years ago.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)





1. veteran adj.


(zi1 sheng1 de5)

2. leap to fame phr.


(yi1 ju3 cheng2 ming2)

3. online auction phr.


(wang3 pai1)

4. vinyl record phr.


(hei1 jiao1 chang4 pian4)

5. principal n.


(xiao4 zhang3)

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