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A: What’s that strange smell in your fridge?

B: I had a pack of greens in there for too long, and they went bad. I threw them out, but the smell still won’t go away.

A: Try putting some baking soda powder or coffee grinds in there. They are really good at getting rid of smells.

B: Actually, I do have some baking soda I can put in there.

A: 你的冰箱裡面怎麼有ㄧ股怪味?

B: 我之前冰箱裡有包青菜放了太久,爛掉了。菜丟了以後味道還是散不掉。

A: 你可以放一點小蘇打粉或咖啡渣,去味效果很好。

B: 我正好有ㄧ些小蘇打粉,可以放到冰箱。

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