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A: It’s quite chilly today. How about a bowl of medicinal rib stew to warm up?

B: Eww, yuck, no thanks. I can’t stand the smell of that stuff.

A: Oh come on, you’re exaggerating.

B: No really, there’s a store right near the MRT station at work. Every time I walk past I want to retch.

A: 今天天氣好冷,要不要去吃藥燉排骨,暖暖身子?

B: 才不要咧,那個味道我聞了就受不了。

A: 還好吧,有那麼誇張嗎?

B: 我沒有誇大,我公司附近的捷運站旁邊就有一家藥燉排骨店,我每次經過都覺得反胃。

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