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A: Can I borrow your umbrella? It’s raining, but I’d like to get a coffee.

B: You didn’t bring an umbrella? I saw you coming in with one a few hours ago.

A: Yeah, I brought one, but it got bent by the wind. It’s unusable.

B: I see. Is it one of those folding ones? Normal umbrellas last longer. OK, take it then.

A: 可以跟你借把傘嗎?外面在下雨,但我想出去買杯咖啡。

B: 你沒帶傘嗎?我幾個小時前才看到你撐著傘進來的。

A: 我是有帶傘,但我的傘被風吹歪,已經無法使用了。

B: 喔,原來如此,你的傘是摺疊式的吧?還是一般的雨傘比較耐用。喏,拿去吧。

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