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Brexit shock causes TAIEX to slide
英脫歐台股大跌 國安基金最後一道金牌

Following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, Deputy Foreign Minister of Finance and National Financial Stabilization Fund Executive Secretary Su Jain-rong has advised there will be an inevitable period of short-term turbulence in the markets. Although the TAIEX fell immediately after the referendum, the fall was slight and the TAIEX is strong enough to absorb the impact, says Su. The fund will monitor developments in international markets — and the stabilizing measures adopted by the central bank and the Financial Supervisory Commission — in order to determine whether it needs to intervene and prop-up the stock market.

Su says the question of a possible Brexit has been brewing since the beginning of the year. Major global financial institutions have previously issued assessments on the shock a Brexit would cause to the global economy. As a consequence, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank already have plans in place to deal with the impact of fluctuations in currency markets.

Su also says only 1.3 percent of Taiwanese exports go to the UK, and that Japan and South Korea are much more reliant on the UK market. Capital flows in international stock markets will nevertheless have a short-term impact on the TAIEX and the foreign exchange market, added Su.

(CNA, translated by Edward Jones)




Useful sentences 句型活用

Useful English sentences


have a plan in place to...

1. Rest assured, we already have plans in place to cope with such an eventuality.

2. The government already has a plan in place to respond to future natural disasters.

have a (short/medium/long-term) impact...

1. The recession will undoubtedly have a long-term impact on the export industry.

2. The oil price slump is expected to have a medium-term negative impact on Saudi Arabia’s economy.

Useful Chinese sentences


自... 即開始發酵

1. 員工對工作環境的不滿自去年底即開始發酵。

2. 我對繪畫的興趣自大學時即開始發酵。

就... 來說,...不如...

1. 就成長率來說,日本經濟不如其他亞洲國家好。

2. 就利潤來說,雅虎公司不如谷歌公司。

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