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A near drowning experience

Coast Guard officers, left, and Indonesian crew member Masri, in blue shirt, try to rescue a female tourist surnamed Hung and help her onto the pier at Green Island on May 29.

Photocopied by Chen Hsien-yi, Liberty Times

A female tourist surnamed Hung from Taichung, aged 32, took a passenger boat on May 29 to visit Green Island. When the ship arrived at Green Island’s Nanliao Harbor, it happened to be high tide and the boat was rocking up and down violently. When Hung was disembarking, she was caught off balance and lost her footing despite assistance from the boat crew, and fell into the sea. In a panic, she also dragged Masri, an Indonesian crew member, in the water along with her.

Seeing them fall into the water, Nanliao Inspection Office staff, who at the time were counting the tourists, made an attempt to pull them up with their bare hands, but because the side of the boat was too high, they abandoned the attempt and called on their colleagues instead to bring out lifebuoys to rescue them.

Luckily, Masri was a good swimmer. He managed to pull Hung toward land while preventing her from getting squeezed between the boat and the pier. After a moment of panic and chaos, they were finally pulled up on the pier. Hung only suffered a fright but did not sustain any physical injuries. After the rescue, her friend helped her to the hotel so that she could rest and put an end to this terrifying incident.(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)






1. passenger boat n.

客輪 (ke4 lun2)

例: Jennifer met her Prince Charming on a passenger boat to Taitung.


2. boat crew n. phr.

船員 (chuan2 yuan2)

例: Her ex-boyfriend is that short bulky member of he boat crew.


3. lifebuoy n.

救生圈 (jiu4 sheng1 quan1)

例: Even with a lifebuoy, Jack would still have frozen to death.


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