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Lobster catch stolen next to coast guard station
捕獲龍蝦被偷 就在岸巡哨所旁

Lobsters caught by Pingtung fishermen on April 24 are pictured in Pingtung County.

Photo: Tsai Tsung-hsien, Liberty Times

On the east coast of Pingtung County’s Hengchun Peninsula, it is now the peak season for lobsters, and many fishermen leave their lobsters in pots suspended in the harbor water. However, recently a “lobster thief” has been sneaking into the pier and stealing whole lobster pots along with the catch. This caught all the fishermen by surprize. Since there is a coast guard patrol station next to the wharf, fishermen fumed: “How can things get stolen where the patrol station is right there? Were the coast guards all dozing?” Many hope the police will arrest the thief who exclusively targets fishermen’s lobsters.

The two most recent cases of stolen lobsters took place in Bitou Harbor and Singhai Harbor, which is near the east coast of Kenting. In both cases, the fishermen had left the lobsters in pots suspended in the harbor water to be picked up later, but an unidentified person came to the harbor in a car and snatched all the lobster pots, worth at least NT$10,000.

The Coast Guard’s 63rd Division explained that surveillance cameras have been installed at every pier, and that during late night hours they record the license plate of every car which visits or leaves the wharf. When the lobsters were stolen, the coast guard happened to be patrolling another nearby area, and therefore did not discover it in time, the division said.

(Liberty Times, translated by Yu-an Tu)





1. fume v.

大罵;憤怒地說 (da4 ma4; fen4 nu4 de5 shuo1)

例: The mayor fumed that the election was rigged.


2. exclusively adv.

專門 (zhuan1 men2)

例: This class is exclusively for children.


3. snatch v.

帶走;奪走 (dai4 zou3; duo2 zou3)

例: He snatched the gift from my hand and left.


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