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Farmers suffer despite white radish price hikes
白蘿蔔價格飆漲 農民感嘆錢難賺

White radish fields are pictured in Yunlin County on April 19.


Photo: Cheng Hsu-kai, Liberty Times

In the coastal areas of Yunlin County’s Dongshi, Sihhu and Taisi townships, white radishes have reached harvest stage. Last year, quite a lot of farmers turned to growing white radishes, because the year before they had seen their other crops become severely damaged by diseases and insects. Yet last year’s weather conditions were surprisingly ideal for white radishes. The result was a crop surplus and a subsequent slump in radish prices, which fell to between NT$2 and NT$3 per kilogram.

This year, white radish prices have increased between sixfold to sevenfold, rising to NT$17 per kilogram. Having lost a great deal of money growing white radishes last year, many farmers switched to a different crop this year. Nonetheless, just when they least expected it, white radish prices have come back, and the chance for making profit has again slipped away.

White radish growers say that although the price has risen, this year’s volume is only half of last year’s. Due to diseases, insect damage and long periods of rain, rotten and chapped white radish can be found everywhere in the radish fields. The profit from radishes is thus still lower than expected.







1. slump v.

暴跌 (bao4 die2)

例: The sales of Barbie dolls have slumped over the last two years.


2. volume n.

產量 (chan3 liang4)

例: The volume of Napa Valley wine grapes produced this year is expected to be significantly higher.


3. chapped adj.

龜裂的 (jun1 lie4 de5)

例: You can apply olive oil to chapped skin to help it heal.


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