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Grandma’s words of wisdom on “LDR”

Korean actors Lee Jin Wook, left, and Han Hyo Joo play lovers in the movie The Beauty Inside.

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Many lovers suffer the pain of missing each other in long-distance relationships (LDR). A male netizen posted an article online, describing how he had talked to his grandmother about his bitterness in an LDR. Little did he know that what his grandmother said to him would make netizens exclaim, “Reading this got me teary-eyed.”

The netizen said that he recently fell in love with a girl, but because he is a graduate student and she is a night school student, he has to do lab experiments in the morning and she has to attend classes in the evening, so, even though their schools are neighbors, they do not get to see each other very often.

When he went home and spoke to his grandmother about his trouble in the LDR, she laughed, saying, “You are so young and you are already scared of an LDR. Haven’t I already shown you the way for a long long time?” While the netizen was still puzzled over what she meant, the grandmother moved her gaze to his grandpa’s picture next to a Buddhist shrine and said smilingly, “As early as 20 years ago, I began an LDR with your grandpa.”

His grandma’s words enlightened numerous netizens. Many exclaimed that this article had got them teary-eyed. Some even said, “Perhaps all people who suffer from LDRs should listen to that grandma’s story.”

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)







1. long-distance relationship n. phr.

遠距離戀愛 (yuan3 ju4 li2 lian4 ai4)

例: He couldn’t help crying when he knew their long-distance relationship was becoming a short-distance one.


2. puzzled adj.

疑惑 (yi2 huo4)

例: Bob is puzzled over the science behind 3D movies.


3. enlighten v.

開悟;開示 (kai1 wu4; kai1 shi4)

例: Would you enlighten us on this subject?


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