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Busking for the homeless

Wang I-wen, first left, Hsu Ta-hang, first right, and two companions give a musical performance in Keelung’s bus station on Oct. 16. to raise money for the homeless

Photo: Lin Hsin-han, Liberty Times

Hsu Ta-hang, a marketing officer at the Renan Social Welfare Foundation’s head office in Taipei’s Shilin District, feels that fundraising has been pretty difficult in recent years, so for two years running he has ridden his scooter around Taiwan, busking by singing and playing guitar along the way and urging the public to donate money for the homeless. Wang I-wen, a female university student who agrees with Hsu’s idea, also joined him on the tour. This was her first time to be away from Taipei on a scooter and take the challenge of singing on the streets, but she says it has been totally worth it.

Hsu and Wang were also accompanied by two salarymen, Wang A-fan and Tai Chun-ying. The four zealous youths set off on their journey from Sanchong on Oct. 10 with a box for people to donate receipts, along with sleeping bags and a guitar. They sang their way counterclockwise around the island by riding scooters and arrived at Keelung on the morning of Oct. 16. Chou Chih-hsiung, a volunteer at the foundation’s Keelung branch, also joined the group, whose efforts have captured the public’s attention.

Hsu says that they want to raise money in advance to fund a year-end party so that homeless people can spend the Lunar New Year with peace of mind. In total, they have raised more than NT$39,000.

Wang, who is 21 years old, says she has never left Taipei on a scooter until now. She joined the round-island tour because she believes in the foundation’s ideals. In Taoyuan, she met a mother and son who sell white champaca flowers for a living, and she was very moved to see how they make ends meet by working hard with their hands. When she was in Kenting, a man took out NT$1,000 and donated it without the slightest hesitation, which made her feel that the journey was totally worthwhile.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)


1. fundraising n.

募款 (mu4 kuan3)

例: Do you have any good ideas for fundraising for the orphans?


2. zealous adj.

熱血 (re4 xie3)

例: He is a very zealous member of the team.


3. without the slightest hesitation phr.

不假思索 (bu4 jia3 si1 suo3)

例: Mary offered to help without the slightest hesitation.







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