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The garlic thief who didn’t get away
破案真簡單? 裝蒜的就是小偷

Left to right: a police officer, a farmer and a suspect thief in a red t-shirt stand in a warehouse full of garlic in Yunlin County’s Sihhu Township late last month.

Photo: Cheng Hsu-kai, Liberty Times, from a police photograph

A little after seven in the morning a few days ago, a garlic farmer in Yunlin County’s Sihhu Township rushed to the Feisha Police Station to report that a sack of garlic had been stolen from him. He said that he had only seen the thief from behind but he was about 170cm tall and wearing a red top. Based on this description, a police officer thought a 35-year-old habitual thief in their area surnamed Wu might be involved, and that afternoon he drove over in a police car to have a look.

While driving down the narrow country road, the police officer saw a scooter rider who wore a red top and looked a lot like Wu, the habitual thief. When he drove up to get a closer look, the scooter rider unexpectedly stepped on the gas to make a quick getaway, nearly getting into an accident with the police car. The police then went to Wu’s house to do a search. The suspect Wu admitted stealing the garlic, and after questioning him the police arrested him and charged him with theft.

The police officer joked that solving a case by nearly having a car crash was quite a coincidence and a bit too easy.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)






1. top n.

上衣 (shang4 yi1)

例: Your striped top clashes with your floral skirt.


2. step on the gas phr.

加足油門 (jia1 zu2 you2 men2)

例: Step on the gas — we’re going to be late.


3. make a quick getaway phr.

快閃;迅速逃離 (kuai4 shan3; xun4 su4 tao2 li2)

例: The robbers tried to make a quick getaway, but the police still caught them.


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