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The cauliflower girl and the umbrella boy

“Umbrella boy” Wang Chun-sheng holds an umbrella on Aug 29 in Changhua.

Photo: Liu Hsiao-hsin, Liberty Times

“Umbrella boy” Wang Chun-sheng and “cauliflower girl” Yen Ching-yu are two talented youths from the Changhua branch of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. They studied diligently and have made a success of life in their own ways.

Yen’s father was a farmer whose livelihood depended on cauliflowers. When Yen was in senior high school, her father got cancer, so she often had to get up early in the morning to help carry cauliflowers on the farm. After her father passed away, her mother worked in a hardware store so that she could raise three children on her own. Yen was the oldest child, and she was and the best tutor her younger brother and sister could have. Yen’s family and friends advised her to go to Taiwan Police College so that she could help lighten the financial burden on her family. Fortunately, her aunt supported her dream of going to university, otherwise she could not have done so. Now she has passed the entrance examination to study in the Department of Computer Science at National Tsinghua University.

After graduating from the Department of Business Administration at Fujen Catholic University, Wang helped his friend, an umbrella maker, to set up a counter in a department store. Wang says that when he was in college he got seriously ill from doing a part-time job, and this led him to realize that he had to find the value and meaning of his life to avoid getting lost in the material world of money. He used to receive support from the fund, and now that he is able, he wants to be a volunteer to give something back to society.

(Liberty Times, Translated By Ethan Zhan)



1. diligently adv.

努力 (nu3 li4)

例: He is successful not only because he is smart, but also because he works diligently.


2. lighten v.

減輕 (jian3 qing1)

例: She hires the right people to help lighten the workload.


3. realize v.

發現;知道 (fa1 xian4; zhi1 dao4)

例: Tom doesn’t realize that he is already deeply in love.





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