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German measles hits Taiwan
今年首例!男染德國麻疹 接觸者達一百廿一人

German measles can be prevented through an MMR vaccination. Almost 99 percent of susceptible people can produce an antibody response following preventative inoculation. Picture for illustrative purposes only.

Photo: Wang Ying-chieh, Liberty Times

This year’s first case of German measles has been confirmed. The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Centers for Disease Control today announced the infected person is a 41 year-old man from northern Taiwan, who had come into contact with 121 individuals. The man has already been released from isolation.

The CDC said the man went to a clinic for treatment on Jan. 16 due to the appearance of a fever and cough among other symptoms. On Jan. 22 the man was sent to a medical center for treatment in isolation and was diagnosed with German measles. He has now been released from isolation. In this case there is no history of foreign travel during the exposure period, therefore it is judged to have been a case of domestic infection. The probable origin of the infection is still under investigation.

The CDC issued a reminder that German measles is infectious for a period of seven days both before and after the appearance of symptoms. The disease can be caught through physical contact with a patient or sprayed particles. However, vaccination is effective in preventing the disease. Members of the public who experience symptoms of fever, tiredness, head cold, acute swelling of the lymph node behind the ear, accompanied by non-uniform pimples or swelling over the entire body, should seek immediate treatment.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)






1. under investigation phr.

調查中 (diao4 cha2 zhong1)

例:The exact cause of the gas explosion is still under investigation by the authorities.


2. history n.

史, 歷史 (shi3, li4 shi3)

例:The defendant does not have a history of violent behavior.


3. exposure n.

暴露 (bao4 lu4)

例:Excessive exposure to the sun’s radiation can cause skin cancer.


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