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Furious girl refuses to accept that Hello Kitty is a human
憤怒女孩 拒絕接受凱蒂貓是人

The Sanrio character Hello Kitty, right, pays a visit to the world’s largest Sanrio character goods shop upon its opening in Tokyo, Japan on Oct. 29, 2009.

Photo: AFP

Sanrio, the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty, has revealed that, despite looking like a cat, the global icon of cute is actually a female person called Kitty White.

But the news did not go down well with one furious fan known only as Liu.

It appears the youngster had her hopes and dreams dashed when she was told the news.

The youngster chose to vent her frustrations in a hilarious YouTube video uploaded by her mother.

Clearly distressed and with tears in her eyes, she said, “I hate it — She looks like a cat. She cannot be a human. She is a cat that acts like a human, like in cartoons.”

The clip was posted on YouTube by user Wizardofrum, who wrote, “My daughter didn’t appreciate the truth about Hello Kitty. I didn’t know she wasn’t a cat either. Poor girl.”

However, at the very end of the video the girl realizes she may have gone too far in her criticism and warns her mum not to post the clip on Facebook.

Unfortunately for her, her mother chose to post it on YouTube instead.

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1. go down with v. phr.

以某種方式被接受 (yi3 mou3 zhong3 fang1 shi4 bei4 jie1 shou4)

例: Our new products are going down well with customers.


2. dash v.

猛衝;猛撞;打破 (meng3 chong1; meng3 zhuang4; da3 po4)

例: His only hope of survival was dashed by the severe weather.


3. vent v.

發洩情緒 (fa1 xie4)

例: The football fans vented their anger at their team’s loss by booing the players.


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