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Angelina Jolie: Ang Lee is Taiwanese, not Chinese
安吉莉娜裘莉: 李安是台灣人,不是中國人

Taiwanese-born director Ang Lee poses for photographers on the red carpet at the 50th Golden Horse Film Awards in Taipei on Nov. 23 last year.

Photo: Reuters

Chinese netizens have been foaming at the mouth over Angelina Jolie’s statement in Shanghai that Ang Lee is her favorite Taiwanese — and not Chinese — director.

Jolie was in town to promote her new film along with husband Brad Pitt when she decided to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

The Wumao Hordes assembled in force to condemn Jolie as a hardened supporter of Tibetan independence, but owing to Internet censorship they were unable to name the very idea they so detest, and were forced instead to allude to Tibetan independence as simply “zd” (zangdu).

“When Chinese Internet users can freely type out the words ‘Tibetan independence’ then maybe they can start bragging,” one commentator from Taiwan responded.

Others observed that “the psychological quality of the people of the Celestial Empire is so delicate, a tiny bit of teasing and they fall to pieces,” and “the Chinese have such fragile self-esteems, they simply cannot abide by any viewpoint other than what the Communist Party gives them.”

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1. foaming at the mouth idiom

非常憤怒;火冒三丈 (fei1 chang2 fen4 nu4; huo3 mao4 san1 zhang4)

例: Josh was foaming at the mouth about Lisa’s comments on his new book.


2. elephant in the room idiom

明顯存在卻避談的問題或棘手狀況 (ming2 xian3 cun2 zai4 que4 bi4 tan2 de5 wen4 ti2 huo4 ji2 shou3 zhuang4 kuang4)

例: Escalating ethnic tension is the elephant in the room that the government avoids talking about.


3. owing to prep. phr.

由於 (you2 yu2)

例: Owing to the heavy rain, our trip was canceled.


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