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Prostitution legislation outlaws purchase of sex, targets pimps: MacKay

A woman uses a calculator as sex workers wait for customers at a brothel in Surabaya, Indonesia on March 24.

Photo: Reuters

New legislation would criminalize the purchase of sexual services, crack down on those who benefit from prostitution and outlaw the sale of sex near schools and other places where children gather.

Justice Minister Peter MacKay says the “made-in-Canada” model targets johns and pimps while protecting the vulnerable.

The new prostitution-related offences are intended to reduce demand for sexual services, shield those who sell themselves from exploitation, and safeguard children and communities.

The legislation is the government’s response to a Supreme Court of Canada decision in December last year that struck down key provisions of the country’s prostitution laws.

The court was concerned the provisions unduly increased the risk to sex workers, violating their constitutional rights.

While the court ruled the laws were unconstitutional, it gave the government a year to replace them.

“It is important to note that the purchase and sale of sex has never been illegal in Canada. That changes today,” MacKay said.

“We are targeting johns and pimps, those that treat sex services as a commodity.

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1. outlaw v.

取締;宣告為非法行為 (qu3 di4; xuan1 gao4 wei2 fei1 fa3 xing2 wei2)

例: The court outlawed smoking in public places.


2. unconstitutional adj.

違反憲法的 (wei2 fan3 xian4 fa3 de5)

例: The Council of Grand Justices yesterday ruled that parts of the Urban Renewal Act were unconstitutional.


3. john n.

買春客;嫖客 (mai3 chun1 ke4; piao2 ke4)

例: All these johns and pimps are part of a prostitution ring.


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