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A : Some companies invite artists to attend their end-of-year parties. I’m so jealous.

B : That’s how the big companies arrange entertainment themselves. Our company just has employees perform every year.

A : The difference between one year-end party and another can be like day and night.

B : I always look forward to the prizes and extra cash bonuses that are handed out at the parties, but not the performances.

A : 有些公司尾牙時會請藝人來表演,真讓人羨慕。

B : 那是大公司才有的節目,我們公司每年都是員工自己上台表演。

A : 一樣是尾牙,規模差好多。

B : 比起表演節目,我更期待尾牙抽獎跟加碼的年終獎金。

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