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Agriculture and Food Agency to release affordable frozen vegetables
菜價高貴 農糧署釋出冷凍蔬菜

A worker prepares frozen vegetables for packing at a plant in Oregon, USA on May 22.

Photo: Bloomberg

Vegetable prices remain high after typhoons. Last Wednesday the average price of produce at Taipei’s produce markets had gone down from the previous day, but it was still NT$44.7 per kilogram, with coriander at NT$600/kg, basil at NT$322/kg, and lettuce and yam leaves exceeding NT$60/kg.

Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA) Director Li Tsang-lang said that prices on Wednesday last week had already started stabilizing, and that he expected the average price to be back down around NT$35/kg before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The AFA is set to release 200 tonnes of frozen vegetables — 400,000 bags of affordable frozen veggies — to farmers’ association supermarkets throughout the nation, which will include scallions, broccoli, cucumber, diced white radish and cabbage, all to be sold in 400g bags for NT$35 each.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






1. produce n.

蔬果 (shu1 guo3)

例: Some produce such as spinach and strawberries are seasonal year-round in subtropical climates.


2.coriander n.

香菜;胡荽 (xiang1 cai4; hu2 sui1)

例: Coriander, like many spices, contains antioxidants, which can prevent the spoilage of food.


3. stabilize v.

使穩定;使穩固 (shi2 wen3 ding4; shi2 wen3 gu4)

例: The government has taken measures to stabilize prices.


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