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Woman dislocates jaw eating triple-decker burger

Two kids look at a hamburger that weighs over 5kg in Hsinchu County on Feb. 3.

Photo: Chen Wei-jen, Liberty Times

A woman had to have her jaw reset after dislocating it while eating a triple-decker burger.

Nicola Peate, from Ormskirk, Lancashire, injured herself while eating at Liverpool’s Almost Famous restaurant on Aug. 8.

Peate, 25, who has a syndrome which makes her joints unstable, was treated at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital the next day. She said she would be “more conscious of the size of food in future.”

Emergency department clinical director Kathryn Clark said dislocations such as Peate’s were “rare.” “I hope that in future, she takes more care when eating over-sized burgers,” she said. She added that “if food is too large, we would recommend cutting it into more manageable chunks.”

(Liberty Times)







1. dislocate v.

脫臼 (tuo1 jiu4)

例: The doctor reset my dislocated shoulder.


2. conscious adj.

察覺到的 (cha2 jue2 dao4 de5)

例: The tooth doesn’t exactly hurt, but I’m conscious of it all the time.


3. manageable adj.

可處理的 (ke3 chu2 li3 de5)

例: Government targets for increased productivity are described as “tough but manageable.”


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