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Japan’s fake food is real deal for tourists

Food samples made of plastic are displayed at a plastic food maker’s shop in Tokyo, Japan on May 28.

Photo: AFP

Alberto Pellegrini does not speak or read Japanese, a deficit that threatened to leave the Italian tourist starving in a nation famous for its gastronomic delights.

Fortunately for the hungry honeymooner, restaurants across this food-obsessed nation — where English menus range from sparse to non-existent — often display their wares in the form of intricately-made plastic replicas.

The sight of a giant hotdog slathered in condiments does not faze the average Japanese restaurant goer, and these fake food parades are often so similar to the real thing that they almost dare potential customers to take a bite.

A sudsy-looking beer, perfectly glazed sushi and indestructible deep-fried pork cutlets are a common sight on the streets of neon-lit Tokyo and even the smallest towns.

“It can really help,” Pellegrini said as he and his new wife combed lunch venues in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza shopping district.

“I point at the food and I just say “I want this, I want that.” It is easier because choosing from a list [in Japanese] is impossible.”










1. faze v.

煩擾;使擔憂;使膽怯 (fan2 rao3; shi3 dan1 you1; shi2 dan3 qie4)

例: She was not fazed by his show of anger.


2. indestructible adj.

不滅的;不能破壞的 (bu2 mie4 de5; bu4 neng2 po4 huai4 de5)

例: These plastic containers are almost indestructible.


3. comb v.

徹底搜查 (che4 di3 sou1 cha2)

例: She combed through her boyfriend’s cell phone records.


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