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Da-Guan Dance Theatre to present male version of ‘Cinderella’
顛覆性別 台藝大推男版「灰姑娘」

Dancers of Da-Guan Dance Theatre, founded under the Department of Dance at National Taiwan University of Arts, pose for a photograph in New Taipei City on Nov. 28.

Photo: Ho Yu-hua, Liberty Times

Da-Guan Dance Theatre, founded under the Department of Dance at National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA), will be presenting a new dance production of Cinderella. The troupe has come up with something inventive that breaks away from classical ballet tradition. Given that the female role of Cinderella in this adapted version is replaced by a male dancer, you may well be wondering how the adapted ballet will end. Wu Su-fen, the department head, has kept people guessing and the only way to find out is by attending yourself.

Da-Guan Dance Theatre consists of sophomore, third-year, and final-year dance students from NTUA’s Department of Dance. The troupe puts on a large-scale production once a year, with ballet, Chinese dance, and modern dance as its rotating themes. This year the troupe will present the ballet Cinderella. Unlike the classical ballet version of Cinderella, which tells the story of a princess and a prince who lived happily ever after, the new production is a deconstruction of the original story and turns the female role into a male one. Audiences will not only see the exquisite elements of ballet technique, but also find that social issues are incorporated into the new ballet, Wu said.

The new production requires that the stage be at least 10m high, said Wu. Given that no theater in New Taipei City meets that requirement, three performances will take place at Taipei’s Metropolitan Hall, tomorrow and Saturday evening at 7:30pm and a Sunday matinee at 2:30pm. Tickets range from NT$400 to NT$1,200. For ticketing information, please go to NTCH ticketing or call NTUA’s Department of Dance at 02-2272-2181 ext.2559.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Lin Ya-ti)


1. break away v .phr.

突破;背道而馳 (tu2 po4; bei4 dao4 er2 chi2)

例: The man’s actions break away from the social norm.


2. large-scale adj.

大型的 (da4 xing2 de5)

例: A large-scale anti-government protest has traffic gridlocked.


3. exquisite adj.

精緻的;講究的 (jing1 zhi4 de5; jiang3 jiu4 de5)

例: She has exquisite taste in clothes.






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