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Councilors refuse to endorse construction project for new Taiwanese puppet theater facility
布袋戲傳習中心ROT 議員拒背書

A makeshift budaixi stage at Nanyang Elementary School in Yunlin County on Oct. 3 last year.

Photo: Liao Shu-ling, Liberty Times

After Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) donated NT$1 billion to the Yunlin County Government, it requested that NT$640 million of the funds be spent on the construction of an educational facility for Taiwanese traditional puppet theater, known as budaixi, in the high-speed rail special district in Yunlin. After a heated debate on the floor of the Yunlin County Council last Monday, many councilors refused to endorse and adopt subsidies for the Public Construction Commission’s rehabilitate, operate, and transfer (ROT) project on grounds that the council would be unable to supervise the project.

The ROT project for the budaixi complex was among several applications for advances on subsidies that were reviewed by the Yunlin County Council last Monday. The project is asking for a total of NT$2.15 million in subsidies, including a NT$2 million subsidy from the central government and NT$150,000 in matching funds from the county government. Members of the council’s review subcommittee have asked all agencies involved to provide further details and voiced concerns about the possibility of giving unfair advantages to certain entities by endorsing the subsidies before the council actually has a chance to review the project.

Last Monday council members, including vice speaker Lin Feng-chin and councilor Tsai Tung-fu, said that they were unaware of what the construction entailed, and that the council would not endorse the project. Councilor Liao Ching-hsiang, however, said that he thinks the council would still be able to provide proper oversight during all of the preparation work for the ROT project, even though the council would not be able to supervise the actual construction project itself.


1. donate v.

捐贈;捐款 (juan1 zeng4; juan1 kuan3)

例: People donated enough money at the fundraising event so that the organization will be able to move forward with plans to open an orphanage.


2. construction n.

興建 (xing1 jian4)

例: Construction has to be postponed because of all the heavy rain that hit the area over the past month.


3. oversight n.

監督 (jian1 du1)

例: Lack of oversight made the project a total failure.


Yunlin County Commissioner Su Chih-fen says that FPG donated funds specifically for this project, amounting to a total of NT$640 million to cover construction of the facility. After construction is finished, it will be up to the next county commissioner to decide how the facility should be operated, she says. Su also says that the government construction subsidies provided for all of the preparation work for the ROT project should effectively keep the facility from becoming a waste of taxpayers’ money, adding that after construction on the budaixi facility is complete, it will provide local business opportunities and expand the scope of business and arts events for Yunlin. Su hopes the council will be able to see the big picture and help the county government do what needs to be done.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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