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Roll over Tango: Beatles museum hits Argentina
阿根廷披頭四博物館正夯 探戈滾邊涼

Various objects related to the Beatles.

Photo: AFP 照片:法新社

The world’s tango capital is dancing to a new beat at Latin America’s first museum devoted to the Beatles, displaying items from boots to wigs and even condoms stamped with John Lennon’s picture.

Although none of the 2,500 articles on display actually ever belonged to a member of the Fab Four, thousands of visitors have already poured through the doors of the Buenos Aires-based museum since it opened a few weeks ago.

“Many people think I’m obsessed, but collecting is a passion, a virus which is hard to overcome,” said Rodolfo Vazquez, 53, the master of the collection.

He has already entered the Guinness Book of Records for owning the biggest Beatles collection in the world — some 8,500 pieces.

Now a third of his collection is up for public viewing at the permanent exhibition, with the contents to be renewed every year “to keep the Beatles’ flame alive,” he said.

There are photographs and autographs, miniature Beatles figurines, and examples of some of their first records, including discs distributed in 1960s by the Vee-Jay Records company when the Beatles crossed the Atlantic and took the United States by storm.

There are also some historical pieces, such as one of the 5,000 bricks sold at auction when the Liverpool club “The Cavern,” where the Beatles first performed, was demolished in 1983.

There are also hundreds of pens, watches, brooches and chewing-gum packets dating from the days when Beatlemania was at its height and the marketing gurus had a field day.

Vazquez, who first caught the Beatles’ bug 10 years ago, acknowledges his collection is far from complete.

And his biggest dream? “The thing I would most like to do is to one day shake the hand of Paul (McCartney) or Ringo (Starr),” he said with a sigh.



1. obsessed adj.

著迷的;執著的 (zhao2 mi2 de5; zhi2 zhuo2 de5)

例: Deb has become obsessed with finding her lover’s killer. She won’t rest until she catches him.


2. take something by storm /tek v. phr.

風靡 (feng1 mi2)

例: Bob’s band took the UK by storm, but was never very popular in the US.


3. have a field day v. phr.

感到欣喜萬分、抓狂 (gan3 dao4 xin1 xi3 wan4 fen1, zhua1 kuang2)


例: The boss is already angry about the situation. If you tell her you knew about the problem two months ago she’s going to have a field day.













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