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Miaoli farmers turn paddy fields into customized art
稻田彩繪 客製化一級棒


Miaoli’s paddy fields, which were once used only for growing rice, have been transformed into canvases for expressing love. Yuanli Farmers Association has been promoting paddy art for the past nine years, and now that they have perfected the art, they are accepting requests for customized paddy “paintings.”

Liang Ruei-hsu, the head of Yuanli Farmers Association’s promotions department, said that most people are curious when they see the dark mauve color of Indica rice plants, so by using these plants along with green plants they can create paddy art and provide employment opportunities for farmers.

Liang says that the association has become very proficient at paddy art and can provide customized creations, whether they are signs, characters, pictures or letters.

In June, one man used paddy art to successfully propose to his girlfriend. Chang Chia-wei, an employee at a paper company, paid NT$30,000 to get the association to write the message “Yen Ju, Follow me OK.” When Liao Yen-ju, his fiancée, saw the rice paddy, she immediately accepted his proposal in front of a cheering crowd of friends.

Paddy art started in 1993, in a village called Inakadate in northern Japan. Although the village has a population of less than 8,500, its paddy art attracts 170,000 tourists per year and brings in a steady stream of income to the local economy. According to news reports, the management office makes NT$1.2 million dollars annually from rent, plan-ting and field maintenance, but visitor donations typically come in at around double that figure.

To create paddy art, the farmers first make a grid on the ground and then create an outline of the pictures or words they want to create, before finally planting the mauve rice plant seeds. Seeds can be planted twice a year, toward the end of February and July.(LIBERTY TIMES, TRANSLATED BY TAIJING WU)




六月份就有一位男子,借助彩繪稻田之力,成功地向女朋友求婚。在紙廠上班的張家瑋花了三萬元,委託農會在一幅彩繪稻田上寫著「Yen Ju, Follow me OK」(研如,跟著我好嗎),結果女主角廖研如看到字樣後,在朋友的歡呼下接受求婚。





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