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Petite steak eating champ shocks challengers 牛排大吃客 纖細辣妹「胃」冕


A pint-sized Kaohsiung woman has proven that size doesn’t matter when it comes to eating contests, comfortably seeing off challenges from brawny blokes to claim two steak-eating titles.

Kao Ching-wei, who stands at only 159cm tall and weighs a mere 43kg, needed just 13 minutes to devour a 1.4kg steak in a contest held in Fengshan City, Kaohsiung. While the rest of the all-male field struggled as they raced to finish off the giant slab of meat, Wei-wei, as she is commonly known, patiently and methodically chomped her way to victory.

In a different contest held last week at Paipaizan European Steak House on Kaohsiung’s Wufu Road, Wei-wei munched her way through an entire 1.7kg steak in record time, once again defying expectations by out-eating her much larger male counterparts.

An athletic male student from Cheng Shiu University who was at the contest in Fengshan finished his steak in 14 minutes, one minute slower than Wei-wei. He expressed surprise at being beaten by a female, especially one with such an unimposing physical presence.

Wei-wei attributes her success to her patient eating technique, which allows her to savor the taste and therefore eat more food. Her male competitors, on the other hand, tend to eat too fast and quickly fill themselves up.

Before entering into the world of competitive eating, Wei-wei once visited an all-you-can-eat hotpot restaurant on Kaohsiung’s Chihsien Road with two of her classmates. The three women quickly put away 52 portions, then amazed the waiting staff by demanding extra plates of meat. With the food supply running low, the staff were eventually forced to close the restaurant early.

Wei-wei admits she’s no match for Japanese eating stars such as Natsuko “Gal” Sone and Takeru Kobayashi. She says she has no time for events like the International Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island, New York, where contestants stuff their mouths with hotdogs and water but don’t enjoy the food. Wei-wei much prefers to savor the food as she’s eating it.

Wei-wei says that she was petite as a child and never had a large appetite, but that changed when she entered adolescence. Her classmates all know that she’s a big eater capable of finishing off the plates one by one at a birthday party. She likes all kinds of meat, including chicken, duck, pork, beef and fish, but she seldom has vegetables. She says she needs to have meat on her plate at every meal to feel satisfied.

Paipaizan European Steak House said that Wei-wei is an attractive slim woman, who attracts a lot of strong young men to the eating contests, but so far none of them have been able to beat her. Her best time for eating a steak is 52 minutes and 38 seconds. The restaurant owners say that the challenge is open to all, but those who fail to finish three steak dishes in an hour will have to pay their own bill.








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