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Paper dentures a hit in Malaysia for festival 馬來西亞清明節超夯商品:紙紮假牙

A resident burns candles and incense to pay respects to her deceased ancestors at a cemetery in Wuhan, China on April 4, 2008.二OO八年四月四日,中國武漢一位民眾在墓園裡燃燭焚香敬拜亡祖。照片:路透


Paper dentures have become a popular new item among ethnic Chinese Malaysians celebrating “Qingming,” a festival when replica offerings are burnt to honor the dead, a report said last week.

Paper money, luxury cars and clothes are standard items at prayer shops catering to people marking the April 4 festival, also known as “tomb-sweeping day.”

But the Star newspaper said that paper dentures had now been added to the list of things going up in smoke, along with replica luxury handbags, exercise treadmills and snooker tables.

Shopkeeper Leong Yoke Ping told the newspaper there had been a good response to the false teeth, which were on sale in her shop for the first time this year.

“My father wore dentures and it was his habit to wash them every night,” one customer told the Star. “This is just my way to remember him.”(AFP)







1. denture n.

一副假牙 (yi2 fu4 jia3 ya2)

例: My grandfather has worn dentures for several years.


2. replica n.

複製品 (fu4 zhi4 pin3)

例: Fred bought a replica Ming vase at an antiques auction.


3. luxury adj.

豪華的 (hao2 hua2 de5)

例: Jared and Kim stayed in a luxury resort on their honeymoon.


4. shopkeeper n.

店主 (dian4 zhu3),商店經理 (shang1 dian4 jing1 li3)

例: Lewis worked as a shopkeeper for most of his life.


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