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Austrian village offers free land to boost population 奧地利小村莊免費送地 吸引外地人定居

A village in northern Austria, worried by its shrinking population, is offering free land to all who promise to start a family in a decade, the Kurier newspaper reported.

Plots of 800 and 900 square meters are available at Rappottenstein, near the Czech border, to both singles and married couples who promise to have at least one child in the next 10 years.

Singles also have to get married. Other conditions say that the new owners have to build a house on the plot in three years. If the conditions are not fulfilled, the owners will have to pay 12,000 euros (NT$528,400).

The village is home to only 1,760 people.(STAFF WRITER, WITH AFP)







1. shrink v.i./v.t.

縮減 (suo1 jian3)

例: My savings have been shrinking since last year.


2. decade n.

十年 (shi2 nian2)

: The fans voted for their favorite song of the decade.


3. condition v.i./v.t.

條件 (tiao2 jian4)

例: We were allowed to borrow the car on condition that we didn't damage it.


4. euro n.

歐元 (ou1 yuan2)

: The room cost us 10 euros per night.


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