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Grenada enforcing ban on off-beach bathing suits 格瑞那達新法上路 海灘外禁穿泳裝

Tourists assemble on Bondi Beach to spend their Christmas Day in Sydney on Dec. 25, 2008. Backpackers are trading snow for sunburn, swimming and dancing at the popular holiday spot in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.


Bikini-clad tourists beware. The Caribbean island of Grenada says it has begun enforcing a law banning bathing suits away from the beach. The law also prohibits saggy pants that reveal the underwear.

Police commissioner James Clarkson says people who are found wearing swimming costumes away from the beach are usually just ordered to cover up. But the law also allows for a US$270 (NT$8,990) fine or six months in jail.

At least a few locals have refused to pay the fines.

Clarkson said that cruise ships usually tell passengers what they are allowed to wear on the beach, but “from time to time, there are one or two who don’t follow the rules.”

He said a few months ago police ordered several tourists wearing swimwear at a fort to return to their cruise ship and put on some clothes.

(Staff Writer, with AP)







1. ban v.t.

禁止 (jin4 zhi3)

例: Smoking in public was banned recently.


2. reveal v.t.

露出 (lu4 chu1)

例: The magician pulled back the curtain to reveal an elephant.


3. fine n.

罰金 (fa2 jin1)

例: Oliver received a heavy fine for running a red light.


4. cruise ship n.

郵輪 (you2 lun2)

例: My aunt spent her vacation on a cruise ship.


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