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Thai ‘Scorpion Queen’ sets new record 泰國「蠍后」創世界紀錄

Thai woman Kanchana Kaetkaew holds scorpions on her dress ahead of a successful world record attempt at a shopping mall in Pattaya, eastern Thailand, on Dec. 22, 2008. She held a live scorpion in her mouth for over two minutes, setting a world record.


Thailand’s self-proclaimed “Scorpion Queen” created a new world record last Monday by holding a live seven-inch scorpion in her mouth for more than two minutes.

Kanchana Kaetkaew, 39, made her record attempt in front of a crowd at a shopping mall in Pattaya, a city on the Gulf of Thailand known for its nightlife and cabaret.

She held the poisonous arachnid in her mouth for two minutes and three seconds before spitting it out — all the time wearing a white dress and gloves covered in the stinging creatures.

Kanchana then went on to begin her second world record attempt, entering a glass room where she hopes to stay for 33 days and nights along with 5,000 scorpions in order to beat her record of 32 days set in 2002.

In 2006 Kanchana hit the headlines when she married the country’s so-called “Centipede King.”









1. scorpion n.

蠍子 (xie1 zi5)

例: Christine panicked when she saw a scorpion in the shower. (克莉絲汀淋浴時被一隻蠍子嚇到。)

2. poisonous adj.

有毒的 (you3 du2 de5)

例: Even though the snake wasn't poisonous, we were still advised not to pick it up. (雖然這種蛇沒有毒,但我們還是被告誡不要去逗弄牠。)

3. beat v.i./v.t.

勝過 (sheng4 guo4)

例: The girls beat the guys in the intramural volleyball contest. (女生隊在這場校內排球賽中擊敗男生隊。)

4. headline n.

標題 (biao1 ti2)

例: Fred hit the headlines when he found a dinosaur bone at the beach.


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