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WEEKEND SCIENCE: Experiments with brain hemispheres 腦半球實驗

Welcome to Weekend Science! Every Saturday we’re going to guide you through some cool experiments that you can do at home. It’s a good idea for you to keep a record of what you do in a Science Journal. That way you can record what you learn, compare results and maybe use them to design new experiments! Remember to always ask a grown-up’s permission before trying out an experiment.


An engineer uses a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) to communicate with a computer at the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, Berlin, on March 6, 2008.


Neuroscientists and psychologists agree that the brain is divided into two hemispheres — left and right. Generally speaking, the left side of the brain handles logical tasks such as math and reasoning. The right side is more

concerned with creative tasks such as music and images.

In most people one side of the brain is dominant. It’s thought that people who are extremely creative are unlikely to excel at logical thinking. Meanwhile, left brain thinkers might excel at math but fail miserably at music.

In today’s experiment you will do some simple tests on your friends to find out which side of their brain is dominant.

What you will need: a ball, a pen, paper, scissors, a coin and a tube.








We need to test which side is dominant for your subjects’ hands, feet, eyes and ears. To achieve our aims, we will test each body part individually. Make sure you record your results in a chart.

Hands: Put your pen and paper on the table and ask your friends to write their name. Then offer your hand for them to shake. Record which hand they use.

Feet: Put your ball on the floor in front of the subjects and ask them to kick it. Then put a coin on the floor and ask them to stand on it. Record which foot they use.

Eyes: Hand your subjects the tube and ask them to look through it. Which eye do they use?

Ears: Tell your friends you’re going to whisper a secret to them. Notice which ear they lean with.




1. logical adj.

合乎邏輯的 (he2 hu1 luo2 ji2 de5)

2. creative adj.

有創意的 (you3 chuang4 yi4 de5)

3. excel v.i./v.t.

勝過 (sheng4 guo4)

4. dominant adj.

佔優勢的 (zhan4 you1 shi4 de5)

5. whisper v.i./v.t.

低語 (di1 yu3)

6. percentage n.

百分比 (bai3 fen1 bi3)






Record the results in a graph and calculate the percentage of people who share the same traits. From your knowledge of your friends, do they fit the profile of left and right brain thinkers outlined in the introduction?



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