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Sale of Portuguese dinosaur tail sparks controversy 網拍恐龍尾在葡國引爭議

A Portuguese bulldozer driver has sparked controversy in his country by up putting a dinosaur fossil he found 10 years ago for sale on the Internet.

Gonsalo Ribeiro, who discovered the bones in western Portugal but would not reveal where exactly, decided it was time to earn some money from his treasure.

“For sale, dinosaur spine 90 percent intact,” reads his advertisement, posted in the antiquities section of a Web site.

“I own an excavation business, and one day when we were out digging, we came across some stones. But when I took a closer look, I noticed they were not stones,” said Ribeiro.

Ribeiro says that what he thought were stones are a “3.60-meter-long sauropod’s tail.”

The archaeological find was between 146 and 152 million years old and of “huge scientific value” according to paleontologist Octavio Mateus.

But Ribeiro has always refused to hand over his find to a museum, claiming, “the figures they offer are far off the mark.” He has already turned down an offer of 100,000 euros (NT$4,280,000).

An outraged Mateus, who works at a museum specializing in the Jurassic period in central-west Portugal, published a note on the Web site denouncing the “sale of our heritage as if it were a car or a pair of shoes.”

Mateus is calling for his government to introduce a law, like those of Argentina, China and Mongolia, making it illegal to sell on “public heritage.” (AFP)








Paul: I’m having trouble with this essay on dinosaurs. Have you got any ideas?

Daniel: Dinosaurs? Actually I don’t believe in them.

Paul: Er...you must be kidding, right?

Daniel: No, I’m serious. I think people just buried the bones in the ground to pull the wool over our eyes.

Paul: Wow, that’s pretty weird.

Daniel: Not at all. A lot of people believe that.







pull the wool over your eyes 矇騙某人

If you pull the wool over someone’s eyes, you deceive or fool them. For example: “Leonard tried to pull the wool over our eyes, but we all know he cheated on the test.”

若你「pull the wool over someone’s eyes」,就表示你蒙蔽或愚弄此人。例如:「李奧那想矇騙我們,但我們都知道他考試作弊」。





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