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China wants to make bricks from toxic milk: report 中國欲用毒奶製磚

A Chinese worker destroys one of 2,784 boxes of contaminated Mengniu milk that were recalled in Wuhan, China, on Nov. 5, 2008.


A south China city is considering using milk at the center of a poisoned food scandal to make bricks as a cheap and clean way of disposing of the tainted products.

Guangzhou officials are looking into the viability of dumping the toxic products, found to have been tainted with the industrial chemical melamine, into furnaces that make bricks and cement.

City officials are having a hard time ensuring the milk is disposed of properly. Some Guangzhou garbage stations poured tainted milk into rivers earlier this month, triggering concerns the city’s water supply would be contaminated.

Using the milk products in the manufacturing process is estimated to cost 700 yuan (NT$3,369) for each ton of milk processed, more than 70 percent cheaper than burning it in garbage incinerators, media reports said.

The reports said that burying the poisoned products was another alternative allowed by the government, at a cost of 200 yuan a ton, but quantities would have to be limited to prevent soil pollution.

In China alone, four children have died and 53,000 have fallen ill after consuming milk or milk products laced with melamine, which can make the protein content appear higher.

Many countries and territories have banned Chinese milk and milk products in the wake of the scandal, one of many involving tainted Chinese-made foods. (AFP)








Winston: You look like a bag of bones! What’s wrong with you?

Elaine: I’ve just got back from China and I was terrified to eat anything.

Winston: Why?

Elaine: Well, there have been a lot of food scandals, and I don’t think the cooking standards are very high.

Winston: Yes, that’s probably true. Now go and get a burger and fatten yourself up!






a bag of bones 骨瘦如柴

If a person looks like a bag of bones, they are drastically underweight. For example: “Paulo looked like a bag of bones when he came out hospital.”

如果說某人看起來像「a bag of bones」,就表示他們太瘦了。例如:「保羅出院時,看起來骨瘦如柴」。



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