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‘Impeach Obama’ groups pop up on Facebook Facebook網友集結「彈劾歐巴馬」

Right: President-elect Obama, right, and Michelle Obama walk out of Spiaggia restaurant after having dinner in Chicago, on Nov. 8, 2008.


Barack Obama has not even been sworn in yet as the 44th President of the United States but groups online are calling for his impeachment.

On Facebook, an “Impeach Barack Obama” group has attracted more than 700 members and a lively debate about the Democrat’s election victory.

Another Facebook group of the same name has 160 members and urges others to join because “we might as well get a head start on the impeachment of Obama.”

“There are a lot of Americans out there that do not fully understand the concept of Socialism or Communism which is why they’ve elected Obama as president,” it says.

Yet another Facebook group, “Impeach Barack Hussein Obama,” has 160 members.

It says that Obama “has given his support for various programs such as the assault weapons ban, healthcare, and various schemes for wealth distribution.”

“What are we going to do about it? IMPEACH HIM!” it says.

Obama still has some way to go, however, to equal the number of “Impeach George Bush” groups on Facebook, which lists at least 95 such groups.(AFP)











1. impeach v.t.

彈劾 (tan2 he2)

例: The protesters demanded to have the president impeached.


2. debate n.

討論 (tao3 lun4)

例: We attended a lively debate about firearms.


3. urge v.i. /v.t.

極力主張 (ji2 li4 zhu3 zhang1)

例: Alfred urged his son not to join the army.


4. concept n.

概念 (gai4 nian4)

: I understood most of the concepts covered in

the lecture.


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