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Shakira announces huge donation by Slim and Buffett to help poor Latin American kids 夏奇拉宣布大筆捐款幫助拉丁美洲貧童

Shakira, center, gestures as she sits between Carlos Slim, left, and Howard Buffett, right, in Mexico City on May 15, 2008.


Colombian singer Shakira announced earlier this month that businessmen Carlos Slim and Howard Buffett will donate US$200 million (NT$6.1 billion) to a foundation that helps poor children in Latin America.

Slim, Mexico’s richest man, will donate US$110 million and his business expertise. Buffett, son of investment guru Warren Buffett, will give US$85 million. The other US$5 million will be donated by people throughout Latin America.

“Imagine what Latin America could achieve if we invest in developing the potential of these children,” Shakira said.

The Latin America in Solidarity Action was launched in 2006. Its Spanish acronym is ALAS, or “wings.” The group is trying to tackle poverty that kills an estimated 350,000 children each year in the region.

Conceived by Shakira, the foundation is also backed by Nobel Prize laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

ALAS hosted two massive concerts earlier this month in Buenos Aires and Mexico City. The concerts were held to raise awareness about 32 million children living in poverty in Latin America. Among the performers at the concerts was Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin.










1. foundation n.

基金會 (ji1 jin1 hui4)

例: Charitable foundations help those in need.


2. expertise n.

專門知識 (zhuan1 men2 zhi1 shi4)

例: That job is outside my expertise.


3. conceive v.t./v.i.

構想出 (gou4 xiang3 chu1)

例: I conceived a master plan last month.


4. poverty n.

貧窮 (pin2 qiong2)

例: Poverty is a huge problem in China.


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