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Skiier smashes record 十一天不眠不休滑雪紀錄

Lindsey Vonn, of the US, speeds down the course in the women's skiing World Cup, in St. Anton, Austria, Dec. 22, 2007.


A German athlete skied non-stop for 264 hours, or 11 days. He was in Austria's Oetztal valley to try to break his own world record.

Christian Fluehr, a 34-year-old extreme athlete, went down the same slope for 11 days without a break. He only slept when going uphill in the cable car, Oetztal tourism spokeswoman Carmen Fender said.

Fluehr ended his ski marathon on Jan. 22. He beat his own record by 22 hours.

"I think now he's getting a good night's sleep," Fender said.

During his record attempt, the skiing marathon man put up with all weather conditions. There were a few harmless falls, but nothing serious happened.

The cable car was a mobile "headquarters" for the German. During the approximately 10-minute-trip to the top of the slope, Fluehr power napped, ate or washed. (DPA)








1. athlete n.

運動員 (yun4 dong4 yuan2)

例: Michael used to be an excellent athlete.


2. slope n.

坡道 (po1 dao4)

例: My brother wants to skateboard down the slope.


3. cable car n.

纜車 (lan3 che1)

例:We took the cable car up to Maokong.


4. power nap v.i.

小睡養神 (xiao3 shui4 yang3 shen2)

例: Angie often power naps at work.


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