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A potbelly too far 暴肥豬

Michelle Schmitz feeds her potbellied pig, Alaina, a healthy snack of banana at her sister's house in Winona, Minnesota, US, Nov. 5, 2007.PHOTO:AP

The pig in the picture is called Alaina Templeton. She is a mixed breed, part potbellied pig. But she isn't very well.

Her owner, Michelle Schmitz, had hurt her ankle. So she asked a co-worker to look after Alaina Templeton. But the co-worker let the pig become too fat. Her weight tripled in the nine months that she was away.

She normally weighs 23kg but had gone up to 68kg.

The co-worker says that Alaina Templeton foraged for chicken feed and cat food at her farm. She became so fat that a collar on her neck became stuck. She had to have surgery to take it off.

The police have filed an animal cruelty charge against the co-worker.

"I want her to be held responsible for what she did and what she didn't do," Schmitz said.










1. breed n.

品種 (pin2 zhong3)

例: That's a tiny dog! Which breed is it?


2. co-worker n.

同事 (tong2 shi4)

例: Sam is my co-worker.


3. forage v.t.

搜尋 (sou1 xun2)

例: The horse foraged for nuts in the forest.


4. cruelty n.

殘酷 (can2 ku4)

例: Taiwan has strong animal cruelty laws.


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