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Seinfeld is buzzing about bees 盛菲德「蜂」電影

Jerry Seinfeld arrives at the premiere of Bee Movie in New York on Oct. 25, 2007.Photo: AP

Jerry Seinfeld became a billionaire thanks to a long-running television comedy that showed the chaotic lives of four people living in New York.

So it might seem odd that the 53-year-old Seinfeld star chose the highly-organized world of bees as the setting for his first effort at animated movie-making in Bee Movie, which will be released on Nov. 30 in Taiwan.

Seinfeld says he got the idea for Bee Movie after seeing a documentary about bees.

"They seem so utopian - their social structure, their corporate structure. They're so organized and focused. And that just made me laugh.

"That's a funny setting for a comedy, a perfect society where everyone knows their place. Because life is not like that."

The hero of Seinfeld's film is a bee named Barry, who discovers that humans are stealing honey for profit. Outraged, Barry launches and wins a lawsuit against mankind, with terrible consequences for the environment.

For Seinfeld, the project posed a series of challenges, such as waiting months for a punch line to be realized, as opposed to the rapid-fire immediacy of stand-up comedy.

"It was really hard to get my brain to slow down that much and just wait. There was one joke in the film that I didn't see until the night of the premiere. And I wrote it four years ago."

Seinfeld said he likes working on a wide range of projects, but stand-up comedy is still what he likes best.

"I never feel as right as I do when I'm on stage in a night club, performing. I always have a feeling inside that feels like 'This is what I am supposed to do,'" he said.(AFP)




Grant: What's wrong with you?

Cal: I just got stung by a bee and feel a bit dizzy.

Grant: Are you allergic to bees?

Cal: No, but I don't like getting stung by them. Especially the big ones with the monster stingers.

Grant: I know how you feel. I always wear shoes when I walk around in fields because I'm scared of stepping on one.






monster 巨大的

Monster has many meanings, one of which is "very large." For example, you could say, "I got a monster stomachache last night and had to stay in."











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