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A slippery security guard 一條看守名鞋的警衛蛇


Harrods worker Maggie Bartram watches Cedric, a highly aggressive and deadly Egyptian cobra, guarding a Rene Caoville sandal, at Harrods department store in London, Sep. 10, 2007.Photo: AP

A London department store was so worried someone might try to steal a luxury shoe, they hired a live cobra.

The slippery security guard was on duty for last Monday's launch of exclusive shoes. The shoe in the picture is one of a pair of sandals. They are made with rubies, sapphires and diamonds and cost £62,000 (NT$4.2 million). They were designed by Rene Caovilla.

Of course most people wouldn't hire a poisonous snake to guard shoes. But the store thought that it would make their shoes well known. In fact, although the shoes are still on display, the snake was only there for one day.

A spokeswoman for Harrods, the department store, said, "The snake has now been returned to its owner."

So no need to fear snake bites at the shoe counter, then.

"Not unless you're a burglar," said the spokeswoman, but she was only joking.(Staff writer with AFP)








Today's Words 今日單字

1. luxury adj.

豪華的 (hao2 hua2 de5)

例: We enjoyed our stay in the luxury suite.


2. launch n.

上市 (shang4 shi4),發表 (fa1 biao3)

例: We were invited to the party for the CD launch.


3. exclusive adj.

獨家的 (du2 jia1 de5)

例: The radio station is offering the exclusive chance to climb 101 with its breakfast DJ.


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