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Malaysia hails dogs that fought piracy 馬國表揚打擊盜版靈犬

Sniffer dogs Lucky, right, and Flo, left, sit on the stage after receiving medals in Putrajaya outside Kuala Lumpur Aug. 20, 2007. 八月二十日,緝毒犬「來福」(右)和「小花」(左)在吉隆坡外圍城市太子城台上接受表揚。

Photo: EPA

Six months after sniffing their way to fame in Malaysia, Labrador crime dogs Lucky and Flo were awarded medals last Monday for "outstanding service" in tracking down pirated discs.

The exploits of the canine sleuths, who nosed out around 21 million ringgit (US$ 6 million) in illegal merchandise during their half-year stint, endeared them to Malaysians and regularly landed them on the front pages here.

The Malaysian government said more than 2.7 million illegal discs have been seized this year - some two million of which were uncovered by the dogs, who were to return to the United States later in the day.

"Lucky and Flo have done us proud," said Dan Glickman, chairman and chief executive of the US-based Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), which sent over the canines.

"Our canine colleagues proved valued friends in the war against optical disc piracy," he said.

The pair were so successful that Malaysian crime syndicates had put a bounty on their heads.

The three-year-old dogs are from Northern Ireland. They are trained to sniff chemicals in discs but cannot distinguish between pirated and legal versions - a job they leave to humans.

Lucky's talent was first discovered when she was given up by her owner, who could not control her voracious appetite for chewing up shoes and furniture.

Their handler Mick Buchan said the duo will probably work until they are about 10, after which they would be retired - and most likely adopted by their handlers.

He said stories of the dogs being wanted dead had outraged British animal lovers.

"The British sometimes love their pets more than their own children," he said.




Mark: I just adopted a retired police dog.

Catherine: Oh wow! What did you pick him for?

Mark: He's very well trained, super smart, and loves exercise. We're going to go to the mountains on weekends.

Catherine: He's going to have a field day out there!

Mark: No doubt about that.






field day 愉快的時光

A field day means an enjoyable time. It alludes to when traveling fairs set up in a town for just a few days a year.

「field day」指的是愉快的時光,源自於移動式遊樂園每年會在城鎮上停留幾天的時間。












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