Canada's last igloo to be flattened amid Arctic boom 北極特快發展,加拿大告別最後冰屋 - Taipei Times
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Canada's last igloo to be flattened amid Arctic boom 北極特快發展,加拿大告別最後冰屋

The last igloo in Canada's far north, which housed a family restaurant for 27 years, in Iqaluit, Canada, Aug. 10, 2007. 加拿大北部的伊卡魯伊特城鎮有二十七年歷史的最後一間冰屋,攝於八月十日。


The last igloo in Canada's far north, which housed a family restaurant for 27 years, is set to be demolished to make room for offices, amid a flurry of economic activity in the remote Arctic.

The Kamotiq Inn restaurant is to be replaced in the coming months by a 4,645m2 office building.

The eatery at the main "Four Corners" intersection of Iqaluit, inspired by the igloo shape and just 200km south of the Arctic Circle, is the only extant example of modern igloo architecture in the North.

It was actually built in 1980 by two schoolteachers with the help of local townsfolk out of normal building materials. The couple was fascinated by the "igloo shape," said Suzie Michael, a former student who pitched in, hammering nails and painting the exterior.

"When I was growing up, I lived in (snow) igloos and it reminds me of that life," said her father, Inuit elder Simonie Michael.

He has eaten here almost every day since it opened, enjoying "the warm hospitality, the food and the beer," and would like it to remain, he said.

But, as restaurant manager Brian Czar said, "Times are changing. The North is opening up, the city is growing and there's a growing demand for real estate in Iqaluit."

For the first time, the North's population has topped 100,000, according to the latest census in 2006.

Cars are relatively new to Iqaluit. A decade ago, there were only a handful of taxi cabs here, ferrying visitors.

The town council is considering erecting the first traffic lights in Nunvavut, at the "Four Corners" intersection, to ease drivers' rage.



在未來幾個月內,這間名為Kamotiq Inn的餐廳將被四千六百四十五平方公尺的商用建築所取代。


Joseph: Did you hear? There's an igloo building contest this weekend.

Jacob: No, I didn't know that. Where are they holding the contest?

Joseph: Up on the mountains where there's more snow and ice. Do you want to go?

Jacob: I'd like to, but I don't know the first thing about building an igloo.

Joseph: That's ok, you can just watch the experts and learn a thing or two.






the first thing 基本

If someone says they don't know the first thing about something, they do not have even an elementary knowledge of the subject. This phrase must always be used with a negative - don't say "I know the first thing" about something.

如果有人說他們對做某些事情一竅不通就表示他們在此領域連最基本的常識都沒有。此片語必須用於否定句,因此不可以說「I know the first thing about something」。










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