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Celebrity scandals: Who cares? 「名人醜聞」閃一邊

Lohan arriving for a screening of her movie Bobby in Venice, Italy, Sept. 5, 2006. 琳賽•羅涵去年九月五日在義大利威尼斯,出席她主演的電影《刺殺巴比》放映會。


Celebrities behaving badly? If you do not care, you have company.

The vast majority of Americans believe there is too much news coverage of celebrity scandals, and most blame the media for the attention paid to the stars' trials and tribulations, a new survey has found.

Nearly nine out of 10 adults said celebrity scandals receive "too much" news coverage, according to a national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Only two percent said the subject receives "too little" coverage, and eight percent said scandals get the "right amount" of press.

The survey also found that 54 percent of those who say celebrity news coverage is excessive blame news organizations. Around one-third of those surveyed found the public at fault for paying attention and 12 percent said the public and the media both are to blame.

"It is a bit of, 'what came first, the chicken or the rotten egg,'" said Jeff Jarvis, who teaches journalism at the City University of New York. "Both are to blame."

The survey found that 12 percent of the public followed the story of Paris Hilton's brief release from jail in June "more closely than any other."

But people may be showing signs of scandal fatigue. The survey found fewer than 10 percent followed the story on Lindsay Lohan's arrest on a second drunk driving charge "very closely," while around 20 percent followed it "fairly closely."

Jarvis said attention to celebrity scandals might fade, but will not go away. "I think there really can be waves of fatigue, but that comes back the other way," he said.(AP)





Hal: Did you hear that Lindsay Lohan is going to rehab again?

Eugene: No, I don't really follow the gossip columns.

Hal: Neither do I, but you'd have to be living under a rock not to hear about Lohan's latest antics.

Eugene: There's just so much scandal coverage that I'm immune to it now.

Hal: I wish I had your immune system.






living under a rock 住在石頭下

Somebody who is living under a rock has no clue about the latest news and gossip. For example, "Professor Smith is living under a rock. He doesn't even know who Justin Timberlake is."

「Living under a rock」是住在石頭下,表示某人對最近的新聞、八卦完全不了解。例如:「史密斯教授就像住在石頭下,他連小天王賈斯汀都不認識。」






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