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Taking it with a lick of salt 品鹽大會

Curious muncher: A moose tries to eat a frozen pumpkin left over from Halloween at a home in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, Jan. 16, 2006. 去年一月十六日,美國阿拉斯加州安克拉治的一隻麋鹿試圖吃一戶人家在萬聖節所遺留下來的結霜南瓜。


Moose and reindeer at a Stockholm wildlife park have been invited to an unusual taste panel that will help decide which type of salt should be used to de-ice the country's roads in wintertime. When salt is spread on the roads the ice melts. This makes the road safe for cars to drive on.

The less the animals like the salt, the better.

The National Road Administration plans to introduce a new, sweeter blend of road salt, but wants to make sure it does not make wildlife come to Sweden's highways, project organizer Frida Hedin said Tuesday. Because animals like to lick the salt on the roads, many are killed every winter in car accidents. Of course, people are hurt in the accidents too.

She said the 14 hooved panel members at Stockholm's Skansen open-air museum will be presented with two salt blocks — one with the new sugary flavor and another tasting like the road salt being used today.

The project is expected to start in about a week and last for around two months, Hedin said.

(catherine Thomas, staff writer with Ap)






海登說,這項計畫預計在一週後展開,約持續兩個月。 (翻譯︰賴美君)


1. wildlife n.

野生生物 (ye3 sheng1 sheng1 wu4)

例: You should always clean up your trash after a picnic to avoid harming the local wildlife.


2. panel n.

陪審團 (pei2 shen3 tuan2),評審團 (ping2 shen3 tuan2)

例: There were two boys and three girls on the panel judging the talent contest.


3. expect v.t.

預期 (yu4 qi2)

例: If you don't expect gifts then you won't be disappointed if you don't get any.


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