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End of the batch for bakery bus 烘培巴士的最後餘香

A school bus that has been converted into a supersized oven attached to the home of Rabbi Aaron Winternitz in Spring Valley, N.Y.,USA, Mar. 26, 2007. 今年三月二十六日美國紐約春谷市,一台改裝成超大型烤箱的校園車緊鄰在猶太祭司安隆溫特鎳茲的家。


Officials told a rabbi that he could no longer use a school bus retrofitted as an oven to bake matzos, a special unleavened bread, for last week's Passover holiday.

Manny Carmona, Spring Valley's deputy building inspector, issued a letter forbidding Rabbi Aaron Winternitz from using his contraption, which he says has been using to make matzos for his congregation for nearly three years.

"My department is not satisfied this oven is safe to use,'' Carmona said. "He did as much as he could.''

The old, red and white bus had been converted into a supersized oven for Passover matzos — complete with a smokestack, exhaust fans and working fire.

Carmona ordered the rabbi earlier late last month to move the bakery bus away at least 3m from the house. Winternitz was also told to disconnect the unauthorized gas line that was fueling the oven and come up with documents to show that a licensed engineer had overseen the project.

But in the end, Carmona judged any changes that had been made insufficient, and he issued the letter in advance of Passover's start at sundown Monday April 2.

Winternitz had been making the unleavened bread inside the school bus for his 50-member Congregation Mivtzar Hatorah for the past three Passovers. The bus was behind his house and was discovered by authorities after a neighbor complained of smoke last week.

Matzo is eaten during Passover week to illustrate how the Jews had no time to let their bread rise as they fled slavery in Egypt. (AP)







過去三年來的踰越節,溫特涅茲都在這台校車內為他的五十名「Mivtzar Hatorah」會眾製作無酵餅。這台巴士在他家後面,上週鄰居抱怨排煙問題後才被相關單位發現。



1. unleavened adj

未發酵的 (wei4 fa1 xiao4 de5)

例: Unleavened bread doesn't rise.


2. congregation n.

會眾 (hui4 zhong4)

例:Our church has a very active congregation.


3. smokestack n.

煙囪 (yan1 cong1)

例: Our log cabin has a large smokestack.


4. flee v.i. /v.t.

逃離 (tao2 li2)

例: The robbers fled the scene when they were seen by the security guard.


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