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Globe trotting: Indonesia 世界走透透 - 印尼

Indonesian Hindus carry effigies symbolising evil during a ritual at the Prambanan temple in Java, Indonesia, Mar. 18, 2007.今年3月18日,印尼印度教徒在爪哇普蘭巴南寺的一項儀式中扛著象徵邪惡勢力的神像。 (毆新社)


The fourth most populous country in the world, home of beautiful islands such as Bali, and a model for ethnic and religious diversity. Come take a closer look at Indonesia, where the motto is "unity in diversity."


A closer look 說古論今

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelagic state, with 17,508 islands, of which nearly 6,000 are inhabited. Most people live on the five largest islands in the archipelago. The islands are mountainous and Indonesia has numerous volcanoes. Frequent earthquakes strike Indonesia, but the volcanic ash helps make the soil rich for crops.

People arrived in the area at least half a million years ago. They perfected rice planting, which allowed villages and even small kingdoms to develop.

By the first century, Indonesia was a trading post between India and China. This trade brought both Buddhism and Hinduism. Powerful naval kingdoms with large fleets of ships spread throughout the islands.

Muslim traders brought Islam to Indonesia in the 1200s. It spread quickly and peacefully along trade routes and was the main religion by the 1500s.

The Portuguese arrived in 1512, and shortly thereafter the Dutch were the main European presence. This situation did not change until the Japanese occupation during World War II. Immediately after the Japanese left, the Indonesians declared independence.

Since then, Indonesia has had to deal both with political instability and authoritarian leadership, but major progress has been made and Indonesia now holds direct elections.

China, India, Arabs, Europe and Malaysia have heavily influenced Indonesian culture. Food differs significantly across regions, though rice is the staple dish in most places. Spices and coconut milk are important ingredients, and chicken and fish are commonly eaten.(Jason Cox, staff writer)

About Indonesia 國家概況

Size: 1,904,5689 km2, about 53 times larger than Taiwan

Location: Southeast Asia

Border countries: East Timor, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea

Capital: Jakarta

Population: about 222,781,000

Languages: Indonesian

Government: Presidential Republic

Currency: NT$1 = 276 Indonesian Rupiahs

















印尼文化深受中國、印度、阿拉伯、歐洲和馬來西亞深遠的影響,各區飲食顯著不同,不過米飯仍是多數區域的主食,香料和椰奶是重要的食材,民眾普遍食用雞肉和魚肉。 (翻譯:鄭湘儀)

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