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Write in: Lunar New Year fun and games 讀者分享: 農曆新年遊戲樂連連

On Lunar New Year my family usually celebrates the holiday at our house. My cousin and close friends come over. My cousins, Daniel and Iris Cherng, usually come to our party. When the kids are settled, my mom convinces us to eat first before the adults. She cooks up wonderful things to eat — food that children like, that isn't really that healthy or traditional. These foods include French fries, pizza, chicken, steak, and soda. The kids eat at the kitchen table while the adults eat in the dinning room. After about 15 minutes the kids are ready to have some fun. My brother, Phillip, and Iris go up stairs and listen to music on Phillip's computer. My friend, Dylan, Daniel and I play Daniel's XBOX 360 on our big screen TV. We play action games like Gears of War or Call of Duty 2. After the grown-ups are done eating and drinking, they tell us to use the other TV and they sing karaoke. Sometimes our parents ask us to join in, but people like me and Daniel refuse. Around 12am everyone leaves. Lunar New Year at my house rocks.(SPENCER LIN/LINCOLN CHINESE SCHOOL, CALIFORNIA, USA)

我們家族通常都在我家慶祝農曆新年,我的親戚和一些「麻吉」好友也會來一同過節。表哥程慧明和表姊程左容更是我們派對的常客。等小孩子安頓好後,我媽會要我們在大人開飯前先用餐。雖然她會準備一堆孩子們喜歡的美味佳餚,包括:薯條、披薩、雞肉、牛排及汽水等,不過它們對健康不太好也不夠傳統。孩子們在廚房的餐桌上吃飯,大人則在餐廳用餐。大約十五分鐘後,孩子們已經準備要來點餘興節目了。我哥至偉和左容表姊就到樓上用電腦聽音樂;我朋友迪倫還有慧明表哥和我,就在大螢幕電視上玩慧明表哥帶來的XBOX 360,我們玩的是《戰爭機器》或《決勝時刻2》一類的動作遊戲。等大人酒足飯飽之後,他們便要我們讓出大電視給他們唱卡拉OK。有時爸媽會叫我們一起同樂,但像我和慧明表哥就會拒絕。到了半夜十二點左右,大家才紛紛離開。我家的農曆新年實在棒極了。(林至彥,美國加州林肯中文學校)

Today's Words 今日單字

1. celebrate v.i. /v.t.

慶祝 (qing4 zhu4)

例: On Steven's birthday, he went out to dinner with his family to celebrate.


2. come over v. phr.

來訪 (lai2 fang3)

例: Do you want to come over to my house after school?


3. convince v.i. /v.t.

說服 (shui4 fu2)

例: James convinced me to go to Japan with him.


4. rock sl.

棒極了 (bang4 ji2 le5)

例: Zoe is my best friend. She rocks!


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