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The end of Harry Potter 哈利波特完結篇


This undated photo from Warner Bros. shows actor Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter, in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, to be released this summer.華納兄弟提供的今夏將上映的《哈利波特:鳳凰會的密令》劇照中,飾演哈利波特的演員丹尼爾.雷德克里夫。


How does J.K. Rowling feel now that she has finished the seventh and final Harry Potter book? The author herself confided last Tuesday on her Web site that Charles Dickens put it better than she could: "It would concern the reader little, perhaps, to know how sorrowfully the pen is laid down at the close of a two-years' imaginative task; or how an Author feels as if he were dismissing some portion of himself into the shadowy world ..." reads the passage from Dickens' preface to David Copperfield.

Rowling announced Feb. 1 that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows would come out July 21, bringing to an end one of the great phenomena of literary history. More than 325 million copies of the first six books have sold.

"I always knew that Harry's story would end with the seventh book, but saying goodbye has been just as hard as I always knew it would be," Rowling writes.

"Even while I'm mourning, though, I feel an incredible sense of achievement .... I've never felt such a mixture of extreme emotions in my life, never dreamed I could feel simultaneously heartbroken and euphoric." She continues.

"If it comes as any consolation, I think that there will be plenty to continue arguing and speculating about, even after Deathly Hallows comes out," she writes.

"I'm almost scared to admit this, but one thing has stopped me collapsing in a puddle of misery on the floor. While each of the previous Potter books has strong claims on my affections, Deathly Hallows is my favorite, and that is the most wonderful way to finish the series." (AP)



1. confide v.i. /v.t.

傾訴 (qing1 su4)

例: I would like to confide in you, but you might tell my dad!


2. phenomena n. pl.

現象 (xian4 xiang4)

例: The police described the bright, fast moving light in the sky as one of a series of unidentified phenomena.


3. mourn v.i. /v.t.

哀痛 (ai1 tong4)

例: The village mourned the death of their oldest villager.


4. collapse v.i. /v.t.

傾倒 (qing1 dao3),崩潰 (beng1 kui4)

例: When the wind blew, the house of cards collapsed.






「我幾乎害怕坦承這一點,但有一件事阻止我墜入哀傷的泥沼。雖然前幾集的哈利波特每一本都強烈地得到我的鍾愛,但《哈利波特7︰哈利波特與致命聖靈》卻是我的最愛。這是為這系列小說畫下句點的最美好方式。」 (美聯社/翻譯:賴美君)

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